Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty ten

We say good-bye to yet another decade, how quickly they fly by! It seems like just yesterday we were preparing to see in the new millennium. Many of us didn't have kids back then which meant that we usually partied in a completely different way (sigh).

To be honest, I forgot it was NYE and only just managed to pick up a few sausages from the butchers as they were cleaning up. Still, what started out as bangers and bread turned into a pretty good feast of bangers, grilled eggplant, baked potatoes and salad. This was accompanied by a bottle of Pol Rogers champagne (thanks Scotty and Sandy) and followed by a nice almond and polenta cake with cream.

Earlier in the day Steve and Ruby did some skating - all good fun, but unfortunately it ended in tears later in the day after Ruby had a stack. You should have heard the cries. Actually, you're lucky you didn't. I have no doubt it hurt but Ruby has a very low pain threshold. Sorry Ruby, you know it's true.

Before the skate stack, we had some fun at One Tree Hill. Here are some pics...

Me and Ava on the flying fox:

Cool big tree:

On the tree:

Best wishes to all my dear friends and family. Thanks for being so wonderful and supportive and willing to create so many memories together. May 2010 be happy and rewarding one.

Love m, xox

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