Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girls, girls, girls

Although if you were anywhere within a 1km radius of us on this particular night you'd probably think we were a gaggle of geese. We had such a fabulous night, it was a shame it took Sarah's departure to make it happen :(

This post is a bit late of course, (sorry , still playing catch up) because Sare is already in Vancouver. Check her blog sayssarah to see what is happening in her world.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stranded at the airport

Recently I was stranded, ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the flight was delayed over two hours. Two hours is quite a while to fill in so, in case of volcanic ash, earthquakes, mini tornadoes or riots, here are my tips.

Note: These tips only applies if you have access to some sort of members only lounge or, even better, are travelling with someone who does.

Firstly, as soon as you enter the lounge scour the magazines for something decent – this will actually be near impossible in the Koru Lounge but you never know your luck. You'll have a much better selection in the Qantas Lounge but be warned they now tape the centre fold of the magazines to the binders to prevent them from walking – if you get my drift.

Locate a table which is close enough to the food and bar so you don't have to walk too far.

Now set the kids up with food and soft drinks, and then show them the computers so they can log on to Moshi Monsters and leave you alone.

It's time to fix yourself some food and drinks, and by that I mean alcohol of course. I recently discovered the measured nip pourers in the Brisbane Koru Lounge don't actually measure – it was a free pour. Great for those times when you want a G+T where the G over-rides the T.

If you've had enough to eat and almost enough to drink but you still have plenty of time to kill before your flight boards, you should take a wander outside the lounge. Head for a duty free shop; not to shop; to sample. Find the skin care range of your choice &nash; maybe something you don't usually buy because it's too expensive. Try the facial cleanser &nash; and be liberal, this is not a time to be economic. You might also want to get a squirt of exfoliant. That's probably enough for now – you don't want to draw attention to yourself because you'll need to come back.

Go straight back to the lounge and into the ladies room, or gents if you're of that gender. If you've got a spare pair of clean undies this is good. If not, too bad, you'll have to use again. Grab one the fluffy, white towels provided and head for the showers. Wash and exfoliate. Enjoy a long, hot shower, after all there is no time limit. When you're done and feeling fresh, except for maybe your undies, head back to duty free. Now it's time to moisturise the face, eyes and hands – basically any exposed bits. If you've got a long flight, resist the urge to put on make up. You might look like crap but you'll be better off for it, and let's face, no-one's really looking at you anyway. Walk through a couple of sprays of your favourite perfume before you head back to the lounge and fix yourself another drink.

That's it in a nutshell. Safe travels.
m, xox

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Which came first?

Well, they were both cut out at the same time but the cushion cover was easier to knock up so it got finished first.

I really love this material. I bought it waaay back when Selvedge had it's closing down sale.

I just hope it doesn't look like I'm walking around in furnishing fabric when I wear the dress.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Big, fat and juicy

It seems there is such a thing as 'too much of a good thing'.

On a recent solo trip to Tawharanui for a surf, Steve dropped in to the oyster vendor to get a sample of the local produce. We had driven by on many occasions and it was never open so Steve didn't let the opportunity pass by.

Two dozens for NZ$15!!

They were the biggest, fattest, juiciest oysters I've ever eaten. And the good thing about oysters is you don't have to fight off the kids. We soon discovered however, that two dozen oysters is too much for two people no matter how much they love them. It got to the point where we were encouraging the kids to try them, and they did (well two of them anyway). Next time we'll just have to invite some people over the share them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'd been wanting to go to Whitianga for some time although I had no real expectations – it just seemed like a place worth visiting. It turned out to be much nicer than I expected with lots of interesting things to see and do, and very pretty too.

This is what we did:

On Saturday we took a short drive north and managed to find the unsigned spot where you leave your car and walk to New Chums Beach. It's about a 10 minute walk over rocks which is more like a 15 minute walk with kids, but well worth it.

We also went to Hot Water Beach. A beach with hot water? – now that's my kind of thing. We pulled up at the car park, read the sign and starting walking. I was wondering how we would know where the actual hot spot was. Then when I looked down the beach I had to laugh as it was quite obvious given the large crowd of people. It's quite a funny thing – all these strangers sitting in close proximity to each other, borrowing digging implements, vying for a bit of hot water. All the rules about personal space went out with the tide!

On Sunday morning we took a ferry over to Flaxmill Bay – a gorgeous white sand beach overlooking the magical bay. It's just as good as the Bay of Islands in my opinion.

We walked up the headland for a great view.

On our way back to the ferry we found a tree swing – who could resist?!

We didn't get a chance to see Cathedral Cove on this visit but that just gives an excuse to go back.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Recent visitors

A few weeks back we had a visit from Steve's sister and niece, Robyn and Lauren. Or Aunty Robyn and Uncle Lauren as they were nicknamed.

They spent a day in Auckland at the start and end of their tour. Naturally, we showed them some of our favourite places which included the top of Maungawhau (Mt. Eden) – seriously, why pay to go up the Sky Tower when you can get this view for free!

The other advantage of walking up the mountain is you get to stop for a bit of fun at the tree swing on your way down the other side. I dare you not to scream :)

As often happens, our walk was followed by breakfast in the village where we very socially read the papers.

We also went over to Devonport and had a look around North Head where there are military tunnels used in WW2. It's another free thing you can do in Auckland and it's always fun trying to scare each other in the deep, dark depths of the underground. Probably not a good idea if you don't like confined spaces though.

Then we walked along the wharf. Eadie insisted on walking along the edge displaying her balancing skills whilst I tried to not to freak out. From there we stumbled across a wine bar which was more my style.

Whatever did I do with my time?

I think it's become quite apparent that a lot of my time used to be spent blogging. Now that I am working again I don't have (as) much time for such frivolities. Of course I don't really think blogging is a frivolous exercise, I really enjoy it and I know a lot of you enjoy seeing what we've been up to. I will do my best to catch up and then stay ahead.