Saturday, January 9, 2010

Modern life

This is a picture of a few of the gadgets we bought with us on holiday. When I told the girls I wanted to take a picture they didn't quite get it. I had to explain how "When I was a kid..." we didn't have laptops, mobile phones, iPods and DSs.

An inventory:
2 x mobile phones
3 x iPods
2 x DSs
1 x laptop (includes docking station and webcam)
1 x camera
All the chargers and USB cables that go with the above!

While I'm on the "When I was a kid" subject, does anyone wonder how the Y generation learn to touch type? I learnt at school in Office Studies (I think that's what it was called). We learnt on old-fashioned typewriters, repetitively typing on the QWERTY keyboard without looking at our fingers. If you were lucky you got to use one the two electric typewriters. WooHoo! I think it's a good skill though – much quicker than using two fingers.

Another subject I did at high school was Parentcraft. Yes, can you believe it? A subject for girls only. Somehow we were meant to acquire the knowledge needed to be a good mother by cutting pictures out of magazines and sticking them in a scrap book. We also got to bath dolls and learned to fold cloth nappies. Wow, that was really helpful–not! I'm sure anyone with kids will agree, nothing can prepare you for being a mother. Parenting comes down to osmosis; kids learn by watching their parents.

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