Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waihi weekend

Of course our weekend at Waihi wasn't just about the men slogging it out. We stayed in a log house somewhere in the hinterland between Waihi town and Waihi beach.

It came with fire place, hot tub and a variety of farm animals to amuse the kids.

The creek down the back of the property was a fun place for the kids to try kyaking. Garth was the only one who dared get in the water and this was the only place to get some reprieve from the sandflies–the only problem being the water was so bloody cold.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventure racing

Visionstream put a team together for the inaugural NZ Anaconda Adventure Race held in Waihi last weekend. Garth, Rick, Hilton and Andrew (aka Steve) put in a sterling effort to take out 2nd place in the corporate category. Here's how it looked from the sideline...

Andrew was first up with the swim leg. We all know he's a swimmer not a runner, so the run between laps almost killed him! Fortunately for the team, his competitive streak shone through and after a good effort, he came out of the water in 4th place.

Garth almost had to tackle Andrew to get the bib and chip from him.

And he's off for 14km paddle! Anyone who knows Garth knows that's a walk in the park for this adventure-man.

Hilton takes the baton and steps out for the 14km run.

Sadly, the photographer (me) did not see the exchange from Hilton to Rick. Rick zig-zagged and loop-de-looped his way through the 27km mountain bike track. As they say, there is no rest for the wicked and Rick must be very wicked indeed. After he got off his bike he then had to put on his running shoes for the final leg–a 2km team run around the old gold mine to the finish line.

Subdued encouragement from the support crew!

Finished at last–a hard earned thirst!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A good brew

At long last! The old Sunbeam has been packed away and pushed to the back of the kitchen cupboard. I'm not sure why really, but we may need to drag it out and take it on holidays with us as the new machine is probably a bit too big to lug around. After a bit of tweeking, it delivers a good brew. Grinding and brewing at the press of a button!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The resurrection

Stella and Zoe were very proud to show off the kite they made with their Dad from Christmas wrapping paper. Think about it–birth, death and resurrection all rolled into one!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today's itenerary has taken us up to Caloundra to visit Brad, Ruth, Stella and Zoe. We also got to meet Max, their new dog.

Ruth had organised for the kids to decorate some boiled eggs which was a great Easter activity and was much more appealing to the kids than going to church (not that they were actually given that as an option).

Friday, April 2, 2010

A work of art

Greeting Ozlings. Here we are back for our first visit since the move to NZ. The girls and I came over a week ahead of Steve and the past week has been mainly about the kids catching up with friends and family. It has been a pretty manic few days but I'm not allowed to say that in front of some people as apparently I have no idea of the real meaning of 'manic'.

We had a great day with Sarah-next-door and her kids at GoMA the other day experiencing the the Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition. I am always amazed at how talented some people are. Highlights for the kids were the thread room, the geometric software, the silhouettes, and the pixel-ated crystal elk. How wonderful to have all of this showcased in such an amazing gallery which is available to everyone to experience for FREE!

Sarah took so many fantastic photos with her snazzy camera. She holds sole copyright for the following photos.