Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The end of our week at Raglan is drawing nearer but here yet. I love this place. It reminds me a little of Byron but way smaller and quieter. The bach overlooks the water and is really quaint. When we're not on the beach we spend time on the deck watching the tide turn. The weather has been fantabulous. Boy, I wish you were here.

The kitchen is basic but has an espresso machine which you all know is top priority. There is one electric hot plate which you plug into the wall and a benchtop oven in which I am going to try and bake a sponge cake for Ruby's birthday (I'll let you know how I go).

Much to Steve's delight, the surf has been pretty good. So often when we go on holidays the surf is crap. There is a surfing comp at Piha at the moment and as the competitors are eliminated they are heading down to Raglan so it is starting to get a bit crowded. This pic was taken above Manu Bay on our first day. Steve caught some waves whilst I searched for flotsam and jetsam. The girls played their modern version of make believe which goes something like “let's fake that we’re a...”.

PS. Happy Australia Day!

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