Monday, March 28, 2011

Genoa accessories

One of the things I love most about my Genoa is the deep seats and wide arms which are just perfect for resting a cup of coffee or glass of wine. When I bought it, it came with removable arm covers which helped protect the upholstery from spills and have attributed to its longevity. I threw them in the washing machine one day and was horrified when they came out in shreds. Then the idea of doiley coasters was born. They weren't exactly ideal but with a little creativity, I think I've perfected it. I backed them with some calico and wallah!

I even took to staining some white ones in a pot of left-over tea.

Oh, I whipped up a cushion cover too but I'm not too sure about it??

Saturday, March 26, 2011

From drab to fab!

The condition of our lounge suite was beyond drab. It had reached the point of complete embarrassment. In fact, if anyone was to judge us on its condition – we'd be labelled impoverished!

The biggest hurdle was to decide on the appropriate course of action. I love my Genoa but I wasn't sure if it was worth the big $$$ it would cost to have it recovered. And if we did decide to go to the expense of having it recovered, it would also need new strings and webbing which would mean more $$$. Probably similar to the cost of buying a good quality new suite. We did consider buying a new one and keeping the Genoa but we didn't have anywhere to put it. Understand my quandary?

I was discussing the pros and cons with Sarah when she reminded me that the chairs had to come to the retirement home with us when we are old so we had a comfortable place to sit whilst drinking our red wine. Sadly, it will most likely be chicken soup that has been through the blender, but she did have a point. So, I was left with only one real short-term option – a face lift. I bought new high density cushions and fabric to cover them. I have to say, I was a little nervous but once I got going, it was full steam ahead. I borrowed an over-locker from a friend and in no time at all the project was complete!

I am so pleased with the results, I can't stop admiring it. Although the kids are getting a bit tired of my rantings about not eating on it. I know it won't last because when you have kids you need a kid-friendly house, which includes the lounge, but pleeease, can I just indulge in my smart looking lounge for a few days more?



Tell me you're not impressed and I'll call you a liar! Now I'm off to buy some new throw cushions!

Happy Birthday Snowy!

A few days ago Ava announced that Snowy's birthday was coming up. She was busy making party invitations for us all. And so, today was the big day – except the party is actually tomorrow because Steve was away for most of the day. Still, pancakes for breakfast is a birthday ritual in our house, so pancakes it was.

Happy birthday big fella!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Last weekend we went to Paihia (yes I'm a week behind!), a place Steve and I visited years ago on a trip with Sandy and Lynette. I don't remember it at all. Steve's main recollection was a sign that said "Get you pie here at Paihia!".

There was plenty to see and do in the area such as... the nature walk from Haruru Falls to Waitangi.

The history lesson at Waitangi Treaty grounds. (Very significant in NZ's history.)

And catching a ferry to Russell to simply relax.

The pics below were taken by Ruby. I think she shows some real talent as a budding photographer.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Before I turn 40!

Oops! Too late! Well, maybe we could make it before I turn 50 – or 60 just to be on the safe side.

I found this list in the latest Frankie magazine. You probably can't read it so I'll recreate a few:

4. Climb a mountain (or a large hill). [Check] 5. Buy an original work of art. [Check]6. Learn to make sushi, with the rolling mat and everything. [Check] 8. Interview your parents and grandparents on the family history. Get it all down on paper. [Good idea.] 9. Hold a clothes-swap party. [I've been wanting to do that.] 17. Develop a signature dish and make it for lunch for everyone you work with. [Easy, just got to get a job to have some work colleagues.] 33. Volunteer time to help a charity. 34. Draw something. [Have you seen my drawing?] 35. Get a new hairstyle every year. [Not sure about this, my 40 you should know what suits you.] 36. Swear to never wear those grim undies from the bottom of the pile. Throw them out, sisters!

And the list goes on. I'm sure if I think about it for half a moment I could come with a few originals of my own.

m, xox

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sarah Hulme, you are an ironman!

And I am so proud of you! I never thought I'd find being a spectator at an Ironman event so exciting. In the pouring rain we tracked Sarah's progress, finding windows of opportunity to pop-up and cheer her on.

Here she is coming out of the transition zone after swimming 3.8km. She was so fast we nearly missed her.

And here she is heading back into town at the end of her 180km cycle.

Only to then start a marathon (42km). This was taken very early on. I got totally drenched waiting for this shot – even my camera started to protest at the dampness but I dare not complain about it. Can you believe every time I saw Sarah throughout the day she had a big smile on her face. I'm not sure if she was because she was glad to see a familiar face or if it was just the insanity of it all kicking in – or both.

One of the things I love about Sarah is, even after all the hard work she puts into her training, she never mocks my meagre attempts to "give it a go". Whenever I tell her I've been swimming; have joined a squad (once a week); or am thinking about doing an ocean swim (1km), she is always encouraging. Thanks Sar.

For those who haven't seen this animation, it will give you an insight into the preparation involved for an ironman.

Our good friend Günter, the German tourist.

Ruby's awesome gluten free french toast with caramel bananas and bacon from Body Fuel. It runs rings around all the other cafès in Taupo.