Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Resolutions [an update]

How boring am I do deliver such a stock standard list of resolutions when there is so much to work on? The truth is, when we dig beneath the surface, what we find can sometimes be a little confronting–even scarey. So much so, that we may want to keep it private and get used to what we find before sharing it with the world.

That said, my revised NY's resolutions are (and I figure it's not quite the end of January so I can probably get away with this):
Exercise: Well, I'm still on holidays but I'm committed!
Drinking: See above.
Passion: Still searching...
Food: I'm a carnivore but I think that most of us can benefit from eating less meat (and that doesn't mean substituting it for smoked salmon!). The truth is, I find it easy to create a meal around meat but without the animal, and apart from pasta napolitana, I don't really know where to begin. I am on a quest to have a few hearty, vegetarian meals in my repertoire.
Laugh: I definitely need to lighten up and laugh more.
Anger vs Peace: (this is the revealing one) I am going to try and deal with my anger. I'm not sure where it comes from but it's always there beneath the surface waiting for a trigger. I'm really going to work at resolving this because it has the potential to affect the rest of my world–for good or bad.


  1. Corina's vegetarian suggestion:

    Udon or soba noodles
    Tin smoked muscles
    Purple onion or shallots)
    Fish sauce

    Cook the noodles. Cut garlic, ginger, onion. Chop shitake mushis with scissors. Add all at once to the fry pan with the oil from the muscles. Add the fish sauce.

    Would have loved some nuts but forgot ( I would have chosen crushed peanuts). Some veges would have been great, even purple cabbage or capsicum – whatever.

    I added currants to mine only. And seaweed chopped with scissors at the end.

    You could do separate noodles for Ruby.
    Added tiniest bit of soy to noodles in each dish before adding the topping of fried stuff,

  2. Ruth's vegetarian suggestion:


    Here’s a link to one of my fav veggie recipes. It’s not quite the one I use but I’m sure you can adjust with gluten free tortillas. I make a sauce of tomato juice, capsicums, onion, garlic, 4 mixed beans (large 600g tin), herbs etc and layer it with the tortillas and cheese and bake it in a pie plate lined with alfoil which comes up and covers over the top.

    It’s very yummy!!!