Sunday, December 1, 2013

Choir girl (2)

After having seen Ruby perform in the choir at the Town Hall a few times, this year it was Ava's turn.

"Dynamite" was a crowd pleaser. Ava wouldn't let me post the video but let me know if you want to see it.

Santa parade

Last weekend Eadie and Ava took part in the Farmer's Santa Parade. We braved the crowds and stood in the scorching sun to see the Minnie Girls pass by. Sadly the music got mixed up so instead of doing their choreographed dance, they waved and high-fived the crowd. 

After the Minnie Girls, my next favourite thing was watching the Man of Steel fly overhead even if it was because he blocked the sun for a fleeting moment.

Then there were some [Kiwi flavoured] classics.

Sadly I didn't get a photo of the man in the red suit. The girls loved taking part and Ruby said next year she wants to do it too. So I' guess I'll get a photo of him then.