Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weet-bix re-count

I'm not talking about recounting how many I put in my bowl this morning. Actually, I'm not even a fan of weet-bix! This is how our day at the Weet-bix Tryathlon went.

When we headed out the door just before 7am on Sunday morning it was dark, cold and wet but we were not deterred. There were a few texts exchanged with other weet-bix mums, they went something like this:

Mrs A: r u still doing tryathlon? Can't c sun yet!
Me: We're still in (with our fingers crossed). You?
Mrs A: Ok we will do it 2.
Me: Please don't curse me when we're standing in the rain all day!
Mrs A: Just left home. R there millions of people there.
Me: Just unloading. It's pouring. Rain doesn't seem to have put people off. Forgot umbrellas!

Mrs L: r u still going? Rain looks like it's really set in.
Me: Yes, we're still in.
Mrs L: Ok we'll head there too.

With everyone on board, some with a bit of nudging, we got the race packs, set up the bikes in in the transition area and gave the kids a run down on what to do and how to locate their bikes. Then we convened with the other parents and waited – in the rain. Eventually the sun broke through the clouds, the rain stopped and it ended up being a spectacular day.

Ruby and Eadie did the full try, Ava did the run leg as part of a team. It's hard enough keeping track of one kid in a tryathlon; three is a juggle. There were a lot of brief phone conversations between me and Steve stating the location of a child – what did we do before mobile phones!

Here are some highlights from the day.





  1. I am very jealous of those loooooong legs but did they make the side of the weetbix box !!!!