Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What sort of mother...

... sends her child on camp in New Zealand without a raincoat? The answer, of course, is a busy, stressed one. I have my fingers crossed for a week of sunny skies – so you think I'd better start praying to Hughie?

Ruby was all smiles when she boarded the bus. She's off to Waitomo for a week of adventures including caving, abseiling and generally just roughing it. I might have been just a little bit hurt when she declared at the dinner table the night before departure, that she wouldn't miss any of us. She did go on to say that she might be happy to see us when she gets back though – I hope so. I know I'll be glad to see her.


  1. so grown up - where does the time go and what a great lesson in resilience
    - must remember to leave something out when next my ferals go on camp xx

  2. That's true. I remember we went away for a weekend last year and Ruby left her whold bag at home (must have thought the butler would collect it from her room and put it in the car I guess). She got by though and made us all realise you don't actually need much stuff.