Monday, November 7, 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Guy Fawke's Day (GFD) is not something that appears on the Aussie festive calendar as the sale of fireworks for private use was outlawed in the 70s. NZ on the other hand, does not share the same safety concerns. Perhaps they should but I won't debate that here because for me, GFD means one thing only – fireworks!

Last year we missed the boat not being sure of how the whole thing works. You see, you can only buy fireworks for the four days leading up to GFD. Little stalls pop up everywhere and that's where you get your gear. People obviously take advantage of it and stock up because you keep hearing them go off for days, even weeks after GFD.

Last Saturday we joined some friends, each with our own supply of explosives, for our own not-so-little fireworks display. The kids, lined up on their little seats and bean bags (at a safe distance), thought it was awesome. As each one was set up, the crowd paused and took in the neighbours display. Being the responsible adults that we are, no one was hurt although there may have been a few scared dogs in the neighbourhood. Sorry poochies.

When we finished burning off our fireworks, we had boxes and boxes of sparklers to hand out. Interestingly, sparklers are considered fireworks here and therefore the same rules apply to their sale, just like all other fireworks, whereas in Australia they can be bought all year round. I guess that's the consolation prize for not being allowed the big guns!


  1. did you live dangerously and combine fireworks with red wine - now that's my idea of a good night xxx