Friday, June 10, 2011

Recent visitors

A few weeks back we had a visit from Steve's sister and niece, Robyn and Lauren. Or Aunty Robyn and Uncle Lauren as they were nicknamed.

They spent a day in Auckland at the start and end of their tour. Naturally, we showed them some of our favourite places which included the top of Maungawhau (Mt. Eden) – seriously, why pay to go up the Sky Tower when you can get this view for free!

The other advantage of walking up the mountain is you get to stop for a bit of fun at the tree swing on your way down the other side. I dare you not to scream :)

As often happens, our walk was followed by breakfast in the village where we very socially read the papers.

We also went over to Devonport and had a look around North Head where there are military tunnels used in WW2. It's another free thing you can do in Auckland and it's always fun trying to scare each other in the deep, dark depths of the underground. Probably not a good idea if you don't like confined spaces though.

Then we walked along the wharf. Eadie insisted on walking along the edge displaying her balancing skills whilst I tried to not to freak out. From there we stumbled across a wine bar which was more my style.

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