Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buttons and more

There is a little shop in the village that sells vintage fabric and sewing paraphernalia. I paid them a visit recently on my search for some funky fabric to make a skirt with (stay tuned for a separate post on that topic). The woman was having a sale as she was closing shop to move to Melbourne–30% off everything. Well, in true Mara fashion, I couldn't really decide on any fabric so bought some embroidery thread instead. Who knows, I might actually learn to cross-stitch after all. A day or two later I was passing by again and this time the sign out front said 50% off so I took another look. This time I bought an assortment of buttons and some fabric which I had been looking at the previous visit. Anyway, through that week, I think I went back to the shop about five times, each time declaring to the woman that it was my last visit. Yesterday was truly my last visit as she was permanently closing her door at the end of the day. The girls rummaged through the tray of buttons and selected a few more. I bought some more fabric and a few easy sewing patterns.

I even bought a few of the old preserving jars which she used to display her buttons! Geez! I'm kinda relieved she's out of business.

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