Monday, June 20, 2011

Stranded at the airport

Recently I was stranded, ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the flight was delayed over two hours. Two hours is quite a while to fill in so, in case of volcanic ash, earthquakes, mini tornadoes or riots, here are my tips.

Note: These tips only applies if you have access to some sort of members only lounge or, even better, are travelling with someone who does.

Firstly, as soon as you enter the lounge scour the magazines for something decent – this will actually be near impossible in the Koru Lounge but you never know your luck. You'll have a much better selection in the Qantas Lounge but be warned they now tape the centre fold of the magazines to the binders to prevent them from walking – if you get my drift.

Locate a table which is close enough to the food and bar so you don't have to walk too far.

Now set the kids up with food and soft drinks, and then show them the computers so they can log on to Moshi Monsters and leave you alone.

It's time to fix yourself some food and drinks, and by that I mean alcohol of course. I recently discovered the measured nip pourers in the Brisbane Koru Lounge don't actually measure – it was a free pour. Great for those times when you want a G+T where the G over-rides the T.

If you've had enough to eat and almost enough to drink but you still have plenty of time to kill before your flight boards, you should take a wander outside the lounge. Head for a duty free shop; not to shop; to sample. Find the skin care range of your choice &nash; maybe something you don't usually buy because it's too expensive. Try the facial cleanser &nash; and be liberal, this is not a time to be economic. You might also want to get a squirt of exfoliant. That's probably enough for now – you don't want to draw attention to yourself because you'll need to come back.

Go straight back to the lounge and into the ladies room, or gents if you're of that gender. If you've got a spare pair of clean undies this is good. If not, too bad, you'll have to use again. Grab one the fluffy, white towels provided and head for the showers. Wash and exfoliate. Enjoy a long, hot shower, after all there is no time limit. When you're done and feeling fresh, except for maybe your undies, head back to duty free. Now it's time to moisturise the face, eyes and hands – basically any exposed bits. If you've got a long flight, resist the urge to put on make up. You might look like crap but you'll be better off for it, and let's face, no-one's really looking at you anyway. Walk through a couple of sprays of your favourite perfume before you head back to the lounge and fix yourself another drink.

That's it in a nutshell. Safe travels.
m, xox

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