Sunday, April 22, 2012

Delicious vego dish

I am so excited about this dish that I just had to share it with you: Italian rice, vegetable and feta tart. It tasted and smelled so good in the oven I could hardly let it stand for the required 15 minutes before eating it!

Naturally, it's gluten-free and I think I could confidently serve this up to my discerning diabetic friend, Simon, without any problems [I'm not totally up to speed with that dietary requirement though so don't quote me on it.] Think fennel, garlic, zucchini, rosemary, parmesan and feta – mmm, maybe t is off-limits to you Simon. It's vegetarian though which is great because I am always trying to think of ways to create a satisfying meal without relying on meat. Of course, if I'm truly honest with you, I have to say that I did fry up a few bangers to go with it. I know! I was almost there – but not quite. It was just so easy to do when one is short on time compared to "creating" something else. Actually, the sausages look quite sad next to the tart. A nice salad would look much more appetising.

Anyway, with or without meat, you're going to love it. That is, if I can find the link for you. I've Googled the recipe but can't seem to find it. Don't worry though, I'll type it up and post it for you. Watch this space!


  1. yum! that does look delicious. I will be waiting for the recipe! xx

  2. see lazy nights with a bottle of red and no ferals is a thing of the past - back to motherly duties - but yum !!! xxx