Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to Briz

If we have time, going to GoMA is always on our "to do" list when we are in Brisbane.

Some people were spoilers.

Busy making birds and nests. It's not often I see Ruby so focused.

Then there was the trip to a certain Swedish shop in Logan with the Aspros girls. That's how I tried playing it down to Steve but I couldn't fool him. There was no flat pack furniture on my trolley but I did pick up a couple of small things – that is the best thing about IKEA after all.

We also went up to Caloundra for a couple of nights and caught up with old friends – as in long-standing not over-the-hill! Was so great to have a few laughs. [Sorry no pics but that's probably a good thing!] You guys make me feel normal. Thank you!

Sadly, I had to return to NZ ahead of Steve and the girls for work. Ho hum. Had take-aways last night and off to the movies tonight with some girl friends [sigh].


  1. think the kid free/Steve free night sounds best of all although I am jealous of you spending time with Aspros xxx

    1. Was great catching up with Karen but not half as good as Prague.

    2. Hey Ikea with you Mara comes a very close second to Prague with Meka!!

      Pleased you enjoyed the rest of your visit - we loved seeing you all.

      enjoy your few days home