Monday, January 16, 2012

Taupo Swim: The juniors

 Last weekend we went to Taupo for some swim races. I feel like I let Team Stevens down as I didn't swim [too much eating and drinking and not enough swimming in the lead up is my excuse]. The girls did the Ocean Kids Swim which was a 100m swim in the icy, I mean refreshing, waters of Lake Taupo.

They all did well, Eadie came in just ahead of Ruby but there was no sibling rivalry [not that was noticed anyway]. Even Ava who was the last across the finish line. She was feeling a bit down on herself but we reminded her that there were some kids who didn't finish and also, she hasn't done any proper swimming since October when she broke her arm.

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  1. Go team Stevens - very proud of all of you and expect great things from mama bear next race xxxx