Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taupo Swim: The big one!

There are plenty of things we set out to do just to give it a try. If you enjoy it then you'll probably choose to do it again, if not then you can  at least "tick a box". Steve's most recent goal was to do the 10km open water swim at Taupo. Something I would never dream of attempting. In usual fashion, he was cool, calm and collected before the race. With two breakfasts in his belly and a couple of energy satchels shoved up the legs of his wetsuit, he decided he wouldn't stop to feed during the race. In hindsight, this was a mistake.

At the start of the day the water surface looked quite nice and not too choppy which was great for the kids, but by the time 10km race started, the wind had picked up making it the worst conditions they'd ever experienced in the history of the event. Not deterred, and swimming alongside Olympic young gun, Melissa Gorman, Steve was in good company.

After two gruelling hours in choppy waters, battling a severe leg cramp, Steve embarked on his fourth and final lap; just as the first elite swimmers were finishing. But he was running on empty. When he finished, he told me he was considering swimming over to the feeding boat to beg for food but decided to just get on with it. The final lap took almost an hour. When he finally emerged from the water he was in a state of complete exhaustion. I am always amazed at how often Steve will finish a race looking like he could turn around and do it all again. But not this time.

After a feed of lollies, brownies, electrolytes and eventually, a sandwich, he recovered. Finishing with a time of 2hr:50sec he came in at second place for his age group in the recreational category. What some people do for recreation! I am very proud of him.

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  1. at last proof that he is human !!!! Well done Steve xxx