Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Northland: Ahipara

The pic above was taken on the day we arrived in Ahipara. Day 2 of our stay we drove up to Cape Reinga – you've already heard about that. Then the weather packed it in.

We made the girls rug up before heading to the beach which meant a warm layer and rain jackets. I do wonder why I bother sometimes as before too long they were running around getting their clothes wet and peeling off the layers. Why is it kids never feel the cold?

On one of our trips to the beach even I got in the water. I got up on the on surfboard too which was fun [sorry, no pics]. The last time I did that was a year ago at the same place so we have renamed Ahipara "Ahimara".

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  1. if any consolation - mine went out bare footed and ungloved in the snow!!