Monday, March 7, 2011

Sarah Hulme, you are an ironman!

And I am so proud of you! I never thought I'd find being a spectator at an Ironman event so exciting. In the pouring rain we tracked Sarah's progress, finding windows of opportunity to pop-up and cheer her on.

Here she is coming out of the transition zone after swimming 3.8km. She was so fast we nearly missed her.

And here she is heading back into town at the end of her 180km cycle.

Only to then start a marathon (42km). This was taken very early on. I got totally drenched waiting for this shot – even my camera started to protest at the dampness but I dare not complain about it. Can you believe every time I saw Sarah throughout the day she had a big smile on her face. I'm not sure if she was because she was glad to see a familiar face or if it was just the insanity of it all kicking in – or both.

One of the things I love about Sarah is, even after all the hard work she puts into her training, she never mocks my meagre attempts to "give it a go". Whenever I tell her I've been swimming; have joined a squad (once a week); or am thinking about doing an ocean swim (1km), she is always encouraging. Thanks Sar.

For those who haven't seen this animation, it will give you an insight into the preparation involved for an ironman.

Our good friend Günter, the German tourist.

Ruby's awesome gluten free french toast with caramel bananas and bacon from Body Fuel. It runs rings around all the other cafès in Taupo.

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  1. I too am proud of SOTH - well done
    Think that smile became a little manic as the race wore on .......
    Congratulations to SOTH and well done Mara for being an awesome support crew ...... maybe we could all travel the world watching Hulme compete in one iron man after another - next stop Hawaii ????