Sunday, March 13, 2011

Before I turn 40!

Oops! Too late! Well, maybe we could make it before I turn 50 – or 60 just to be on the safe side.

I found this list in the latest Frankie magazine. You probably can't read it so I'll recreate a few:

4. Climb a mountain (or a large hill). [Check] 5. Buy an original work of art. [Check]6. Learn to make sushi, with the rolling mat and everything. [Check] 8. Interview your parents and grandparents on the family history. Get it all down on paper. [Good idea.] 9. Hold a clothes-swap party. [I've been wanting to do that.] 17. Develop a signature dish and make it for lunch for everyone you work with. [Easy, just got to get a job to have some work colleagues.] 33. Volunteer time to help a charity. 34. Draw something. [Have you seen my drawing?] 35. Get a new hairstyle every year. [Not sure about this, my 40 you should know what suits you.] 36. Swear to never wear those grim undies from the bottom of the pile. Throw them out, sisters!

And the list goes on. I'm sure if I think about it for half a moment I could come with a few originals of my own.

m, xox


  1. so funny - just cleared my drawer of the over stretched out of shape bonds that have graced my ample backside over the last year - but will probably just replace with newer firmer no frills bonds ........

  2. I can top that -- I've got undies in my drawer that I bought five years ago!

    You can't beat Bonds!