Saturday, March 26, 2011

From drab to fab!

The condition of our lounge suite was beyond drab. It had reached the point of complete embarrassment. In fact, if anyone was to judge us on its condition – we'd be labelled impoverished!

The biggest hurdle was to decide on the appropriate course of action. I love my Genoa but I wasn't sure if it was worth the big $$$ it would cost to have it recovered. And if we did decide to go to the expense of having it recovered, it would also need new strings and webbing which would mean more $$$. Probably similar to the cost of buying a good quality new suite. We did consider buying a new one and keeping the Genoa but we didn't have anywhere to put it. Understand my quandary?

I was discussing the pros and cons with Sarah when she reminded me that the chairs had to come to the retirement home with us when we are old so we had a comfortable place to sit whilst drinking our red wine. Sadly, it will most likely be chicken soup that has been through the blender, but she did have a point. So, I was left with only one real short-term option – a face lift. I bought new high density cushions and fabric to cover them. I have to say, I was a little nervous but once I got going, it was full steam ahead. I borrowed an over-locker from a friend and in no time at all the project was complete!

I am so pleased with the results, I can't stop admiring it. Although the kids are getting a bit tired of my rantings about not eating on it. I know it won't last because when you have kids you need a kid-friendly house, which includes the lounge, but pleeease, can I just indulge in my smart looking lounge for a few days more?



Tell me you're not impressed and I'll call you a liar! Now I'm off to buy some new throw cushions!

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  1. Fabulous - they look good as new
    Love the blue cushion on the large lounge - great contrast to the covers, and the accessories !!!!! - get producing sure they would go gang busters on etsy xxxxx