Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A cunning plan

But totally insane too!

My dear friend SOTH (not her real name) came up with the following plan to survive the silly season and has challenged her friends to join her. Anyone who knows SOTH also knows she loves to torture herself and now she is turning on us with this challenge to be healthy which includes giving up alcohol at a time when we need it the most!

The plan (challenge), as set by SOTH (The red bits are her response to our initial complaints):
  • You must eat three healthy meals a day. Not very hard really.
  • You must eat breakfast before 9am. Not very hard either.
  • Snacks are fruit only. More difficult, but just bloody try!
  • No alcohol!! You may, however, choose two occasions between now and Christmas Eve where you can drink in moderation so you aren’t being rude or loose friends forever. Other than those two occasions, it’s NONE AT ALL. There are so many issues here, I don’t know where to start. Have three AFD’s a week. EASY.
  • You must do some kind of exercise three times a week. Doesn’t include sex. You do this most weeks anyway.
  • You may not have seconds on ANY meal. Not negotiable.
  • You may not eat anything after dinner – EVER. Neither is this!
  • You are to attempt to be in bed before 10am each week night (or at least have a good average). All over this one.
  • You must have sex once a week (more if you like). Don’t want to know the details. Go for Gold for all I care.
  • You must drink as much water as you can each day. Cure alcohol related dehydration if nothing else.
  • You must have some kind of beauty treatment/massage/hair cut in this period. Bet you’ll do this one without complaint.

There was special dispensation in the contract which excludes ME from the contact for the 48 hour period around the weekend of MY BIRTHDAY – phew!

After a pretty crap day of which I will spare you the details, I fixed myself a fruit salad frappe with added wheat grass powder, hence the weird colour! Dinner was tuna and butter bean salad. I'm almost through Day 1.


  1. OMG you drank that !!!!
    That's enough to send me scurrying to the gin cupboard !!!!!

  2. It's best taken with eyes closed. Really was nice. I think Day 2 will be better!