Friday, December 3, 2010


A year ago I had high hopes of looking fabulous at forty but last week those hopes were quashed when I looked in the mirror to see a plain woman with a slight jowl and bad haircut staring back at me. How did I get here?

The bad haircut is self-explanatory. After having the same hairdresser for about ten years in Brisbane, it has been hard to find a replacement. I gave my current cutter one last chance a couple of weeks ago and even though he did as I asked, I'm still dissatisfied. Unfortunately when you ditch your hairdresser you're no better off as you still have to put yourself on the line again when you try a new one.

Need a spare tyre anyone? I think this can be attributed to my nightly ritual of chocolate and Black Adder. AND a completely hopeless case of no self-restraint when it comes to food. I joined a swim squad this term which I thought might help. And I think I'm making progress because the last couple of week's my legs haven't turned to jelly after the session. Or maybe that just means I'm not working hard enough?

Two days ago I was shopping for the perfect frock for my cocktail night. Needless to say it ended in tears and blubbering down the phone to Sarah. "I think the 40-thing has just hit me. I can't find anything to wear because I'm not 20-something anymore!" Or something like that but probably far less coherent. The following day I managed to pick myself up and find a little black dress that will do quite nicely. (I'll post the best pics of the night here – stay tuned.)

Anyway, I think SOTH may actually be the devil in disguise and she may very well save me from myself but I best not be too premature about the results as it's only Day 3 of the challenge.

Thank you for your birthday wishes today. Here's my song of the day – a nice little reminder that life isn't a dress rehearsal.

m, xox

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