Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A work of art

Last Friday night MENPS held their bi-annual Art Auction. In addition to the individual canvases each child completed, each class did a combined piece which went under silent auction. Then there were the professional pieces. It most entertaining on what people were willing to pay for them after a few drinks. All in all, it was a good fundraiser for the school.

Ava's class art work. Each animal is made up of itsy, bitsy pieces of paper.

Eadie's class art work. You can see the inspiration from Hundertwasser can't you?

Ruby's class art work. Each kid in the class created their own stamp then it was assembled in the form of a letter. I did lend a hand in putting this piece together.


  1. which one did you purchase ???
    I LOVED the stamp one - well done Ruby + class

  2. Actually, the one Steve bid on was from a different class which would have prevented a few arguments if we'd won it but he was pipped at the post.

    PS. You are so quick with your comments. Now, can you please teach some of our less techno-minded friends (who will remain nameless) how to do it!!

  3. ok - hulme + aspros +miles - blogging 101 lesson @ my place soon