Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drag out your dead - resuscitated!

This phrase was coined by Steve. It refers to a kerbside clean up services offered by many local councils in Queensland. It's great if your wanting to clean out your garage or the like. The problem is, the average person accumulates crap quicker than they can dump their "dead".

Here in NZ, people tend to drag out their "dead" as required, not being restricted by local government timelines. So if you're passing by and something catches your eye, it's yours! But you'd better be quick. I know this from experience which is why when I saw this discarded chair on my walk home one day, I knew I had to nab it there and then which also meant lugging it several blocks home. God how I prayed to not pass anyone I knew!

So, like the set of drawers, the chair sat outside waiting for me to summons the effort to do it up. Then I did it, but thought I'd wait till I made a pretty cushion to go with it before showing you. Guess what? I never did do the cushion but here is the finished chair which I am sitting as I write this blog.

1 comment:

  1. wow - looks fantastic
    love the fabric

    great shape - I bet it hugs your bottom nicely xoxo