Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not happy :(

My coffee machine's performance has been sub-standard for quite some time which I haven't been happy about. Even after a visit to the "professionals" it's still not working as well as it did in it's heyday. I like to think these things will just keep on going if you look after them and replace parts as they wear out–but maybe not. I decided to take a look at the seal yesterday to see if it was the cuprit but it looked OK. The problem is, when I pulled it apart I lost a screw so now it's really stuffed. I had a banger of a headache so I should have known better than to take this on.

Everyone who knows me will testify that this machine has copped a bit of a workout over the years. Maybe I should upgrade to a commecial machine? But in the meantime, I have resorted to the Bialetti which is ever faithful providing I keep paying the gas bill!

Of course, coffee always go well with something sweet. This is my gluten-free version of Hello Rosie slice. Really, the pic doesn't do it justice. Let me know if you want the recipe.

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