Friday, February 19, 2010

Many Miles

The Miles family travelled many miles (cheap pun, I know) from BrizVegas to be our first visitors. The girls were very excited at the thought of seeing Zoe and Harry again. The excitement level built each day with Eadie just about jumping out of her skin on the afternoon of their arrival. Eadie and Zoe talked till late on the first night. Ava was meant to bunk in the same room as them but bailed at 10.45pm when she couldn't get to sleep.

We took the kids to the zoo the next day which happened to be Ava's birthday. I'll post pics of the day in a separate blog. The battery on my camera died but Sue has promised to give me the pics she took.

Sue and I caught up on the happenings in each others lives over the bottle of gin she graciously bought with her. I'm not sure what the correct ratio of spirit to mixer is but in the pic above you can see how much gin we'd consumed with only one bottle of tonic water. Don't' be too alarmed, this pic shows the level after two nights' worth of drinking.

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