Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Auckland: beautiful one day, tsunami the next

Ah, you've gotta love Auckland weather. Yesterday we reached a top temperature of 9C. The coldest day by far but it was a freak cold snap (apparently). The poor farmers and their sheep[s] were caught off-guard with many animals in distress or dying. There was also the threat of a tsunami last week as well. I didn't know if we were in any real danger but the memory of the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 was playing on mind as I wandered the shops in search of a straw broom (every witch needs one)(still haven't found one). Anyway, that's enough about the weather.

Apart from a straw broom, there are a few (more interesting) things we need to buy for the house including a dining table. We never really needed one in Brisbane as we had our meals on the deck or at the island bench in the kitchen. The pic above is of the girls eating their spag bol at the makeshift table. Must go shopping!

1 comment:

  1. love that shabby chic look you have going ....
    just remember next tsunami run for high ground - straight up Mt Eden