Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Table talk

Finally, we have a place to sit and eat and talk. The lounge room floor is fine for those (occasional) times when you want to stare blankly at the telly. But if you want to connect with people, the best way to do it is by sitting around a table - preferably with food on it.

I think we will have to re-introduce Manners Night in our house to remind the little ones of the basics they know, but choose to forget - bless them. (Thanks go to Ma for creating this tradition.)

Cooking a meal! That's another tradition we need to keep alive. Simple, yes, but it does take some planning - and time. Now I know not everyone enjoys cooking but it is important for us all to be able to throw something together and call it a meal. Boys and girls alike, should all know how to cook a meal, sew on a button and use the washing machine. This is not about feminism. It's a life skill! It might even help your child snag a girl- or boyfriend down the track (which could ultimately be part of your extended family). So it's in your best interest! Teach your children well!


  1. Ma would love that you are keeping the tradition alive.

    Cool table - scandanavian 70's retro feel to it. Agree with your comment re. cooking - even if it allows them to puree stuff for us in our old age.

    Like the new song......

  2. Yes. Ava has promised to make bacon and eggs for me when I am old. I just hope she cuts it into tiny pieces so I don't choke.