Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a good Friday

Today I have been pottering around the house. The kids have been watching a bit of TV. I was surprised to learn that no advertising is allowed in NZ on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Christmas Day. I don't know why I hadn't noticed before but it surely makes watching a movie on tele far more enjoyable. I like the idea of things being closed – since when did we need everything open 42/7?

I finally got around to making something which I've been thinking about for some time – a driftwood wall hanging. I got the idea from a pic I saw in Country Style magazine a loooong time ago (see pic below). I've had this magazine folded open at this page forever!

Even though I've got quite a collection of driftwood, I thought I'd start by making a mini-hanging before embarking on a bigger feature. Below is a "how-to" in pictures. I got the black string from a Trade Aid store; it's quite rustic.

I'm quite pleased with the results. I hope it doesn't look too amateurish but I quite like its imperfections. I need to find the right spot for it too. I haven't decided whether to trim the tails What do you think?


  1. love it - think I'd keep the strings long and uneven to maintain the whole rustic feel ...... I had plans to turn the driftwood we had collected into a rustic xmas tree but don't think customs will be impressed if I try to bring it back to Oz xxxxx

  2. You might be surprised, you could try as long as you declare it. Although you may not feel like banging together a Xmas tree in April?