Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I did today...

I took to the kitchen to create!

New York baked cheesecake. I have been lusting after this for some time. I finally got the recipe from Mum. The recipe originated from Aunty Deb and I remember making a few of these in my younger days. I changed the recipe slightly (mainly the base) to make it low-carb with somewhat success (I think my taste buds have adapted). It's definitely not low-fat though so still retains all of it's flavour and appeal.

Banana and raspberry muffins for school lunches this week. It makes me feel good on the inside knowing there is something home baked in the kids' lunch boxes (although sometimes it's just not achievable!).

Note: When I say "What I did today" I don't necessarily mean today; more like recently.


  1. Yum - those muffins look good
    We are going to try our hand at strawberry jam later in the week - wish us luck xxx

    1. Good luck! Learn from my experience here: