Friday, June 29, 2012

What is the CODE?

Well, it's a completely awesome (is that Kiwi enough for you?) sports show on Maori TV. Those who know me, know that, although I pretend, I am not particularly sporty. I don't like to watch it on TV either but I still find CODE thoroughly entertaining. It's anchored by ex-Silver Fern, Jenny-May Coffin and is backed up by ex-All Black, Glen Osborne (Oz) and other ex- and current sportsfolk.

Lots of fun combined with their unique interviewing style makes for an entertaining hour – choice Bro! Last night we got to see what goes on behind the scenes when we were part of the live studio audience. It started at 8.30pm so some children were a bit tired (and a bit annoying) but other than that, it was great. The current episode wasn't on the web at the time of writing this post but you can check back here later (episode 9, 28 June). Two of last nights guests were WBO Heavyweight Champion, Monte "Two Gunz" Barratt and NZ Olympic-bound mountain biker and mother of two, Karen Hanlen (very admirable woman). After the show we got to meet some of the hosts and guests.

Here's Steve with Monte "Two Gunz" Barratt.

Me and the girls with Oz.

Me and the girls with JMay.

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  1. Steve looks like he is entering into a real bro mance xx