Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's been a while...

Hi folks,

I don't really have an excuse for the spartant posting an. Things have been chugging along at their usual pace. We have had a couple of birthdays in our household this month: Eadie has finally clicked over to double digits hitting the big one-zero; as for Steve, he'd rather not talk about it. That's it on the birthday front for a while now.

The netball season got off to a very wet start and has continued that way. I think we've had one clear game night – the rest have been completely hideous. I think netball should be a summer sport in NZ. We are almost at the end of another school term which marks the halfway mark for the year which is kinda scarey. Over the holidays we will head up to Ruakaka for a few days, then squeeze in a couple of days back in Auckland before hitting the slopes on Ruapehu.

I've enrolled in a beginners upholstery course which begins next term. I've been wanting to do this for-EVER! I'm really looking forward to learning so new skills so that I can breath some new life into some of my fave pieces.

Steve and I are experimenting with a low-carb diet. I thought this would be really, really hard but it's not. It's surprising how full you feel when you eat a lot of protein (we go through a lot of eggs). So we're eating less and feeling fuller. It's been two weeks with no real signs of weight loss but some of us are feeling less bloated.

1. The birthday girl.
2. The birthday boy. (There really weren't enough candles on that cake!)
3. Birthday card Eadie made for Steve. (Very cute.)
4. New wardrobe staple purchased especially for netball spectating.
5. Eggs! We need to get some more chickens.


  1. Love the boots - I have a similar pair but my pins aren't as good as yours - very country chic.
    Love Edie's drawing - so is she throwing out big hints for a pet dog or a pet shark????

    1. Eadie would just love ANY pet -- possibly even a shark. We've been getting these not-so-subtle hints for about three years now but, being the cruel parents we are, there will be no succumbing.

    2. At least she isn't asking for another little sister - could be worse !!!