Monday, May 28, 2012

When southerners drop by

Yesterday we had a visit from the lovely Monique and Danielle. It seems whether in Australia or NZ, we are destined to live at opposite ends of the country. The girls were in town to see Florence and the Machine who are playing at the Vector Arena tonight. If only I'd known they were going, I would have got myself some tickets!

Anyway, it was a great catch up. We really must try to get down to Queenstown some time soon.


  1. mmmmm what is that you are eating - looks yummy xxxx

    1. Well spotted! Choc/caramel slice, fruit and nut balls and raspberry and white choc muffins. Oh, and wine too! I thought it was going to be afternoon tea but turned out to be beer and wine instead ;D

  2. mmmm wine and chocolate - can't go wrong with that xxxx