Monday, May 14, 2012

Flaxmill Bay revisited (Mother's Weekend)

We spent a fantastic weekend at Flaxmill Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula. I like to call it my Mother's Weekend because I reckon we mother's deserve a weekend of doing nothing, not just a day. The whole strip of land is quite beautiful with white sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. But in my opinion, Flaxmill Bay really is the best spot. Our dinky little motel was perched at the top of the hill, mid-way between the ferry landing and the beach. To dine out, which we did on Saturday night, it was a hop, skip and a jump on the ferry across to Whitianga.

I have blogged about this place once before after our first visit almost a year ago. All of the best Kiwi beaches have a rope swing hanging from a Pohutakawa tree but this one is the best. The one on Maungawhau is even better but it doesn't fall into the beach category. I think I can safely say Flaxmill Bay is one of our favorite places in New Zealand.

On Saturday afternoon we took a boat tour dropping into beaches, caves and blow holes along the Coromandel. We learnt a bit about the history of the area and got see places from the comfort of our ex-navy boat.

Cathedral Cove is rated as one the 101 Must-Dos for Kiwis. Personally, I was a little underwhelmed and glad I didn't take the 40 minute trek on foot to see it although maybe I would have appreciated it more if I did.

Inside New Zealand's second largest sea cave.

We snorkeled with a school of snapper in this marine park and discovered we can add it to the list of weird things that totally freak Eadie out. Even wearing a snorkel and mask and with her head under water we could still hear her screams. I'm putting on a brave face, not because of the fish but because it was freaking cold – even though I was the only person wearing a wetsuit. Ava decided not to take the plunge.

Relaxing on the grass over looking Hahei Beach, one of our stops on the way back home. The weather closed in on our drive back home. We definitely got the best of the weather.

One of the art pieces we bought from a little gallery on our way home. Translated it means: Welcome, enter! Everything is very good.

E noho rĂ£. (Good bye.)

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  1. what a beautiful place - love the photographs especially the one of the sea cave - hey I think you are onto something with Mothers weekend next year let's go for mothers month !!!!!! xxxx