Sunday, April 24, 2011

San choy bow

Not to be confused with Sam Boy chow which is basically a chip sandwich.

Worried about my girls growing up not knowing how to cook, I decided it was time to learn how to prepare a few basic meals. They all seemed excited at the suggestion of taking turns to cook a family meal but without a bit of nudging from me, the idea stayed as just that – a great idea! Anyway, a couple of nights ago I told Ruby it was her turn to cook and I had just the recipe!

She really got into it and everyone enjoyed what she dished up. San choy bow is perfect for those nights when you're not super hungry but want something easy and healthy. In our house it's on par with rice paper rolls and sushi.

Whist this isn't the exact recipe I used, it's very similar. My recipe included a bit of oyster sauce (gluten-free) and dry sherry (which I substituted white wine for).

Ruby also made delicious chocolate mousse for dessert. I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough with the camera – it was fabulous!