Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whakapapa: Day 1

I feel like a naughty kid swearing when I say Whakapapa (prounounced fuka-papa). Last Friday we hit the road and drove down to Ruapehu. Arriving at 3pm, we drove straight up the mountain to check out the scene. The terrain is so different, it's like being on another planet. What a glorious day! After running around and throwing a few snowballs at each other we were so excited and just couldn't wait to get up there again the next morning for some real fun.

It was Ava's first time on skis, Ruby and Eadie had had lessons a couple of years back when we were in Queenstown so they weren't absolute beginners. They all had lessons and then spent the day in Happy Valley. I hung out there too brushing up on my boarding skills whilst Steve went a bit further up the mountain to the Rock Garden.

The kids had a brief break from skiing when someone passed on his toboggan rental to us. Ava was the speediest by far and knocked over a smaller, stationary kid in another toboggan–it was a bad place to sit and watch the scenery. Eadie could take it or leave it. And Ruby didn't get what all the fuss was about. They much preferred being on skis.

We were really lucky with the weather–sunny and no wind. After a good dose of Happy Valley we were all tired and sore with smiles all 'round.

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