Saturday, July 10, 2010

A frosty start

Just when I was beginning to think Auckland's weren't really that bad, this morning we discovered Jack Frost had visited! (You can't really see the detail in this pic but the car windscreen is covered in a film of ice.) It was the coldest night so far this winter. I just love my electric blanket. So does Steve who, when I first raised the subject of getting one, said "Buy one if you think you need it.". He almost whimpers as he gets into bed if one of us forgets to turn it on.

We got our first delivery of fire wood today which was pretty exciting. Normally in charge of the fire building, Steve was heading off to Eden Park to watch the All Blacks vs Springboks game so he left me with a few instructions on which wood to use, and when. It all started out well and Ava declared that I was as good a fire builder as Daddy–a little prematurely in my opinion. Take it from me, it is a full-time job keeping a fire burning, making toasties and ensuring my wine glass is topped up. And here I am daring to type away on the laptop. I'd better just go and check it is still burning... Phew! It was almost out but I rescued it. The girls are so easily impressed with my skills. They see me as the "Provider of Food" so by keeping the fire burning, I think, has pushed me up a few ranks. Still, I dare not leave it any longer. Good night.

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