Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tawhitokino Sunday

Through rain showers and sunshine, last Sunday we walked through Tawhitokino regional park. To get there we walked along the rocky shore of Waiti Bay then up, up, up the many stairs. Three days later, my calves are still aching.

As we approached Tawhitokino we could hear a plane taking off–then landing. It proceeded to do this about 30 times! Getting a bit of practice I suspect.

The kids love bouncing on the branches of the pohutukawa trees.

Having recently dined on Clevedon Coast oysters in an Auckland restaurant, we decided to forage for some before heading back. We managed to get a few without injuring ourselves. Even Eadie and Ruby sampled a few. There was no way to tempt Ava to put something so smelly and slimy in her mouth. Next time we will make sure we are equipped with the right tools.

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  1. stairs - don't tell Hulme she'll have us up and down them for your 40th !