Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we went to Tawharanui. Steve had discovered this place a couple of weeks earlier when he went off looking for surf. Tawharanui is a regional park and open wildlife sanctuary. The park is a haven for many bird species including the North Island brown kiwi which was reintroduced to the area a few years ago. Sadly we didn't see any kiwis:( The area is surrounded by a 2.5km predator-proof fence design to keep pests out of the park. As you drive up to the gate it opens automatically and you feel somewhat privileged to enter this protected little part of the world.

As we walked the Ecology Trail we passed through different habitats including the seashore, streams, bush and wetlands. Funnily enough we also walked through a pasture of grazing cows which didn't seem to fit the "native animal" theme. It was fun trying to dodge the fresh cow pads and out-stare the BIG cows–if not a little intimidating.

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