Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 sleeps to go...

Or should that be sheep[s]? Not sure, what do you think SOTH?

I had the first of my good byes the other night with my buddies all of whom I am going to miss dearly. It is all feeling very real now and the thought of leaving you behind is making me very emotional. At least I hope that's the reason for it and not menopause. Surely I'm too young for that?!

Thank you also for the beautiful Ari piece - very unexpected. I was sure you were going to send me off with a survival pack, which of course would include a 10 kilo bag of Di Bella coffee. Anyway, I'm certainly not complaining, nor dropping hints for that matter.

But I've not gone yet and there're a few more farewell moments to be had.


  1. Hey there New Zealand correspondent can't for your posts!

  2. I will now forever more think of an upcoming fun event with the term "only four more sheeps" and think of you Mara!!!! Only 1 more sheeps til your party. Yahoooo.. SOTH.

  3. < 10 sleeps now til the beginning of your new adventure ... can't say that I am enjoying this particular countdown but will await news from over the sea with bated breath xo

  4. very cool blog Mara, great photo, great music, I look forward to more updates