Friday, May 9, 2014

Biking with friends

Last weekend we took to the tracks near Waihi to cycle the Hauraki Rail Trail. Some people would think coordinating six adults, eight kids and 14 bikes was a recipe for disaster, but we would prove them wrong.

This was, in fact, our third attempt to do the trip. The first time around I broke my arm so that put an end to our plans. The second time cyclone Lusi was looming and we took heed of the severe weather warnings. Really, we decided it would not be a good look if we lot stuck in the storm and needed rescuing with all those kids and ended up on the six o'clock news for all the wrong reasons!

Finally, on our third attempt, we finally got there. The weather could not have been more perfect. The kids were all brilliant considering there was little (or no) preparation.

With the first leg completed we decided we had earned a coffee so took a break at Waikino train station. The kids also scored an ice cream.

The final part of our ride took us through the old goldfields train tunnel. It was about 1km in length and quite dark inside making it difficult to see oncoming cyclists and pedestrians who didn't have lights and/or reflectors.

We got through to the other side, re-grouped, then turned around and came back again.

Mission accomplished!

We back tracked to the halfway point for lunch, encouraging tired, hungry kids along the way. Pizza and a beer!

Some people were happy to take the train from Waikino back to Waihi while others cycled the last leg. Of course the race was on to see who would win. Needless to say, it wasn't me. Those last couple of hills really slowed me down but I hear it was pretty close at the finish line.

Back at the log cabin. There wasn't much room left in the hot tub.

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