Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spotty, dotty t-shirt

This post is going to be accompanied by a brief explanation as I'm not very good at typing with my left hand.

I saw this "how-to" on the web a while back and put it in the "must do" compartment of my brain. I was going through my t-shirts on the weekend, looking for a particular top that had been swallowed up by the overflowing drawer. I came across a plain, black t-shirt and, with a bit of spare time on my hands, knew that today was the day to reach into the "must do" pile.

It was really easy and I had all of the necessary equipment on hand which was a bonus. Ruby watched me do it and we both got excited as the little dots appeared – it was like watching a Polaroid develop! I thought the final product was pretty cool but when your twelve year old daughter says "Wow, that looks like a Karen Walker top," you know you're onto a winner!

You should definitely try this at home.

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