Friday, September 2, 2011

I won't be fooled

The sky is blue. The air is warm. Flowers are everywhere. But I won't be fooled. I have learnt that this is not in fact, a sign of better things to come but really just a tease. We might be peeling off our layers but we are also being lulled.

Last weekend the girls had a fabulous time running around the neighbourhood in their togs with other kids; water balloons in hand. We even had our first barbeque in months. But I've been here before...

We first moved to Auckland in September 2009 and being naïve, I fell for the ol' blue sky trick. I'd look out the window in the morning and the Martha Stewart in me could say: What a great day for washing! After the clothes went through the cycle and the last peg squeezed down onto the line, the skies would open. I'd be left madly unplucking them all, with no other option than to shove them into the dryer. Oh, how many times did I have to do this before I learned spring is not a season to be celebrated in Auckland.

Well, I may be a little harsh, there are the flowers after all.

I've also been trying to have more plants in the house as they take in bad stuff and turn it into good stuff. If only there was a plant that could do the same with kids.

I cut a leaf off a lush, green plant the other day and put it in my trunk vase. That prompted Steve to ask: Why is there a spinach leaf in the vase? [I think he meant silverbeet actually.]

The answer was: Because!


  1. love that 1st photo - even I could do pink in that shade xxx

  2. I know! I saw it on my walk home one day and went back with my camera to get the shot. I think it was well worth it.