Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Summer's early arrival

Summer is officially two and a bit weeks away but today the mercury was really rising – peaking at 25 degrees C! Actually, it was hotter in the kitchen where the thermometer hangs.

Yesterday I took the electric blankets off the beds and today I am wearing shorts for the first time in months. Argh! My white legs are a ghastly sight! (I'll spare you by not including a pic of them.) I know my Queensland friends won't be feeling sorry for me at all; let's just say I've acclimatised to the milder weather. Just make sure the ice bin is full and the G+Ts are waiting for me when I get there!


  1. have trained Hazza up to mix G&T's so now we don't even have to get out of the comfortable chairs !!!!!

  2. Buewdiful! But I won't be held accountable if he has a drinking problem when he grows up.