Monday, May 3, 2010

Colour my love

Long before I needed to, I coloured my hair. First I experimented with rinses that lasted 6–8 washes, then progressed to the semi-permanent variety. I always did them at home–why pay the hairdresser when you can do it yourself?

I first experimented with auburn shades to be just a little daring. By the time I'd reached my mid-twenties the reason for colouring was to even out my natural tone which had lightened due to the sun and surf. This lasted for about a decade, then I decided to give it a rest.

Not long after 'taking a break' from colouring the first grey hair appeared. I wasn't one to race off to the hairdresser (or the chemist for that matter). No, I decided to learn to love my grey(s)–they quickly multiplied!

I'm still trying to grow old gracefully–at least until I reach the point where they make me look older than I actually am. Sadly, I think that day may have arrived.

Whilst relaxing back with a coffee in a low-set cane chair on the weekend, Steve walked past and stopped suddenly. Something caught his eye. It wasn't my dazzling smile but a bundle of greys on my head. He couldn't resist the urge to pluck a few out–the evidence is above. He was silently pleased as he has been plucking his own greys for a few years now.

To top it off, this morning Eadie told me I had lots of white hair and accused me of wanting hair the same as hers–clearly confusing my greys with her gorgeous blonde. I may have to head to the chemist for a box of L'Oreal Castings today but will postpone a visit to the hairdressers for a bit longer.

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  1. go on turn to the dark side - I got rid of my greys today and feel better - not younger - just better !!!!!