Friday, April 2, 2010

A work of art

Greeting Ozlings. Here we are back for our first visit since the move to NZ. The girls and I came over a week ahead of Steve and the past week has been mainly about the kids catching up with friends and family. It has been a pretty manic few days but I'm not allowed to say that in front of some people as apparently I have no idea of the real meaning of 'manic'.

We had a great day with Sarah-next-door and her kids at GoMA the other day experiencing the the Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition. I am always amazed at how talented some people are. Highlights for the kids were the thread room, the geometric software, the silhouettes, and the pixel-ated crystal elk. How wonderful to have all of this showcased in such an amazing gallery which is available to everyone to experience for FREE!

Sarah took so many fantastic photos with her snazzy camera. She holds sole copyright for the following photos.

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