Friday, December 25, 2009

Begin with coffee, end with coffee

Hopefully you all received our Christmas letter. The girls were really looking forward to a visit from Santa and he did not disappoint. I was reminding them just yesterday that it is never to late to start being good.

Before I could start preparing breakfast I had my obligatory two cups of coffee and another thrown in because, well, it's Christmas! We had waffles with mango, strawberries, bananas and mascapone. It's the first time we've actually had to pay for mangoes - ever!

With some inspiration from Maggie Beer, I am baking a turkey with apple and prune stuffing. I got a free-range, corn-fed turkey from the local butcher and in return gave him all the money in my Christmas account. I only hope I do it justice. The butcher said the secret to the perfect turkey is a good butcher and an excellent chef. Well, he's done his bit, now the pressure is on!

Note: The pic above shows Steve attempt at looking 'festive'. I think those shorts have been around longer than me! Nice clashing Steve.

We are sticking to a good ol' Aussie pavlova for dessert because everybody here loves it. Did you know that the Kiwi's claim the pav' is theirs? To be honest, we Aussies are notorious for adopting anything the Kiwis do well as ours, so there could be some truth in that. I will research and get back to you!

I hope you enjoy the Christmas music selection - it really is hard to find 'good' Christmas music.

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