Thursday, November 12, 2009

My place, my space

The house is starting to feel like home. Not quite the 'home' feeling you get when you've lived somewhere for 10 years but nonetheless it's home. I wish I could say that all the boxes are unpacked, but sadly there are still a few begging to see the light of day. The problem is there nowhere to put the stuff inside them.
It may not seem like much, but to tidy things up a bit I need:
  • book shelf
  • cupboard for general storage
  • chest of drawers for my bedroom.

My 'hanging' clothes are in the wardrobe in Ava's room as she doesn't really have much to hang. The rest of my stuff is still in a suitcase on the floor in my room. I'm really over it but can't seem to summons the energy to drive all over town to hunt down the 'right' piece. It's much easier to look on Trade Me (NZ's own eBay) but then you run the risk of being out-bid at the last minute which happened to me recently. That really *issed me off!

Anyway, when I look at the mantle above the fireplace, I feel calm. Like this is my place.

My space (above), however, is where is seem to spend a lot of time. I don't know where the day goes. I sit here, send a few emails; search Trade Me; pay a few bills; enter a few online competitions (ask Sarah-next-door to explain); look at a few blogs for inspiration and before I know it I have to race out the door to pick up the kids from school. I just don't get it. How I ever managed to fit in (paid) work I'll never know.


  1. house looks very mara like
    sending you some Ari postcard to go on the mantle with your other framed goodies.
    Love that you are playing a song I know .... does mean that I am cool now ????

  2. You don't need to be cool Sarah. You're always ahead of the crowd.